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Emily Leung EnvirDes 140 November 10 th , 2010 Looking at Architecture Hampshire College has a beautiful campus, and the architectural styles for the academic buildings are different among each building. The style of the Johnson Library at Hampshire College relates strongly to the article “In the Nature of Materials: A Philosophy” by Frank Lloyd Wright. Of the five integrities (resources) mentioned in the article, the reality of continuity is shown throughout the Johnson Library. The Johnson library has a continuity of materials used, the entire building has a constant surface of concrete and brick. Because the entire building is wrapped with brick and concrete, there is never a spot where the continuity is broken and the surface never changes. The second integrities/resources demonstrated by the Johnson Library is the use of “super material”. The use of glass is also known as a “super material” because
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Unformatted text preview: open reaches of the ground may enter as the building and he building interior may reach out and associate with these vistas of the ground (Wright 4). The rhythm of the windows among the front side of the building also adds to the continuity, and then the large glass wall allows a sunlit space to enter and the feeling of freedom will arise. The columns in the front of the library add a vertical element and show a reinforced concrete aspect. Wright mentions that columns are from the classic architecture. However in the perspective of Wrights five integrities, the columns represent continuity and a re-enforcement to the structural form of the building. After observing the Johnson library at Hampshire College, it is prevalent that the architecture of the building demonstrates more than one component of Frank Lloyd Wrights five integrities....
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