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Paper #6 - Emily Leung December 9 th 2010 The Urban...

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Unformatted text preview: Emily Leung December 9 th , 2010 The Urban Landscape of Amherst “The city is a metaphor for social change, an icon of the present at the edge of the transformation of the past into the future. Attitudes about the city reflect attitudes about the future” (John Rennie Short 41). This excerpt “City” from Imagined Country: Society, Culture, and Environment reflect the mechanics of the town of Amherst. When standing in the center of Amherst people can see people walking, playing musical instruments, driving, eating at Antonio’s or Judy’s, and more. All of these said “activities” are all from the past. Generation and generations before us the social aspect of the Amherst has not changed. People needed to eat, and transport themselves back in history; however, now these activities demonstrate what is coming into the future. The attitude of Amherst is a very gentle, and caring community. This is definitely shown through the people of Amherst by their mannerisms. I have never been to any place where a car stops at the through the people of Amherst by their mannerisms....
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