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Emily Leung Paige Warren NRC 100 December 8 th , 2010 Daniel Greenberg Living Routes lecture given by Daniel Greenberg covered an array of topics including information about different ecovillages, permaculture, and sustainable living. I thought the lecture given by Greenberg was very organized and his key concepts were clear and concise. The class environment seemed interested in Greenberg’s key concepts about different types of living styles. The lecture was a lot different than the other guest speakers, because Greenberg was very engaged into the topic, and it made myself more engaged into the lecture. I really enjoyed the beginning, when the key terms were introduced and defined. I thought that was very beneficial because knowing the definitions helped understand the concepts thoroughly. The Living Planet Report was an excellent example as to why people should consider living in ecovillages. The Global Ecological Footprint: 1961-2007 stated that Earth hit carrying capacity, the maximum population of a given species in an area of land or water, in the
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