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Emily Leung Paige Warren NRC 100 November 6 th , 2010 Dr. Martha Mather Lecture Review The lecture given by Dr. Mather was an interesting and resourceful topic learned. Learning about different types of fish, and their patterns of migration and etc. gave a new perspective of viewing fish. The lecture was different in a positive way because the audience was mainly composed of students who were not highly interested in fish. Once after the lecture, the general consensus about fish was mutual between the audience and Dr. Mather and that fish are “cool”. After Dr. Mather listed the five take home messages from the lecture, I thought it was funny because this professor was obsessed with fish. Towards the end of the lecture, I was able to gain perspective of what Dr. Mather meant as in “fish are cool”. After learning about multiple different characteristics of fish, I realized there is a lot more to fish than meets the eye. The two fish that were the focus of the lecture was the Striped Bass and the River Herring. When learning
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