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Unformatted text preview: Emily Leung Guest Lecture #1 October 4 th , 2010 The guest lecturer, Dr. Bethany Bradley, gave an exceptional lecture on climate changes and invasive species. The lecture was well versed and very organized. I would definitely recommend the lecture to friends and family because I believe that Dr. Bradley was great at explaining the material, used great examples and visuals, and managed to get class participation within in the lecture. During the lecture, I thought that the material covered was detailed and down to the main point. An example is within the first couple of slides in the slide show; Dr. Bradley asked, “What is an invasive species?” Following that question were four detailed bullet points pertaining to explaining that invasive species are non-native, produce negative ecological and economical effects, naturalized, and they spread away from the initial establishment site. By providing short and concise bullet points about the main subject is very useful in terms of learning and study this...
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