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Alex Thompson Mrs. Kratz AP Gov Period 5 February 10, 2009 American Gov and Politics Today pg. 250-259 The functions of a political party are to: 1. Recruit political candidates for office: It is the goal of the parties to gain control of the government therefore they must recruit candidates for all elective offices 2. Organize and run elections: Organize the voter-registration drives, recruit the volunteers to work at the polls, provide most of the campaign activity to stimulate interest in the election as well as increase voter participation 3. Present alternative policies to the electorate: In contrast to factions, parties are focused on a set of political positions 4. Accept responsibility for operating the government: Includes staffing the executive branch with loyal party supporters and developing linkages among the elected officials to fain support for policies and their
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Unformatted text preview: implementation 5. Act as the organized opposition to the party in power: By organizing the opposition to the in party, the opposition party forces debate on the policy alternatives The history of our nations political parties can be divided into seven periods. First was the creation of parties that took place from 1789 to 1816. Then there is the era of one party rule also known as personal politics from 1816 to 1828. From 1828 to 1860 is the period from Andrew Jacksons presidency to just before the Civil War. Then there is the Civil War and post-war period from 1860 to 1896. 1896 to 1932 was the republican ascendancy and the progressive period. The New Deal period from 1932 to around 1968, and finally the modern period from 1968 to present day....
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