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ENDOCRINOLOGY SAMPLING QUESTIONS The following questions have been used in the past and are presented here only as an example of what to expect. Try to find which statements are correct and which are false. Even more important decide why a statement is right or wrong. Finally, notice how easy is to turn a statement from a right statement into a wrong statement and viceversa. 01 The endocrine system a releases chemicals into the bloodstream for distribution throughout the body. b releases hormones altering metabolism of many tissues/organs simultaneously. c produces effects that can last for hours, days, and even longer. d control ongoing metabolic processes. e all of the above. 02 Is NOT a method of hormone action a control of enzymatic reaction rates b control molecule transport across membranes c control of electrical signaling pathways d control gene expression & protein synthesis e all of the above options are correct 03 If a peptide binds its cell surface receptor, a the cell membrane becomes less permeable. b
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