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Model # 1 Model 1 represents the relationship between a fashion designer and the consumer that buys his/her products. The most direct relationship between the two is through magazines and websites for the consumer to view the products of the designer and in the designer’s case the numbers of sales he has is like a message from the consumers to continue making the products. The designer is also influenced directly by outside ideas that he observes, like other designers work and nature, etc. Media also plays a significant role by choosing how much of the designer they choose to cover and in what light. If the designer’s work is criticized, then he/she might alter the product or ideas they previously had. Media can also be an influence for the consumer in much the same way. By choosing what and how the products are shown, they contribute to how the consumer views the designer’s work and to be honest have a huge influence. If a magazine criticizes a piece of work there is a very high chance that the consumer will have the
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