organic chem vocab 1

organic chem vocab 1 - active site location of enzyme...

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active site location of enzyme activity amino acid monomer of a protein amino group a functional group consisting of a nitrogen atom bonded to two hydrogen atoms. carbohydrate any organic compound that is made of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen and that provides nutrients to the cells of living things carboxyl group part of an amino acid - made of COOH cellulose polysaccharide consisting of glucose monomers that reinforces plant-cell walls co-enzyme vitamins and minerals that help enzymes to function dehydration synthesis the making of a polymer by removing H2O denature enzyme loses it's shape dipeptide Two amino acids bonded together disaccharides A double sugar, produced when two monosaccharides chemically combine. DNA deoxyribonucleic acid, found in all cells of an organism; the hereditary material passed on through reproduction enzyme a protein that causes all cell reactions enzyme - substrate complex when enzyme and substrate stick together and react fatty acid unbranched carbon chains that make up most lipids
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organic chem vocab 1 - active site location of enzyme...

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