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endo_reccitation 4 - Hypothalamic Pituitary Unit 11...

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Page 1 Hypothalamic – Pituitary Unit 11 HYPOTHALAMUS AND ANTERIOR PITUITARY Introduction to communication, “story lines”, “reflex arc” models, neuroendocrinology, hierarchies, integration, endopathologies. Hypothalamic - pituitary axis, neurohypophyseal neuronal pathway, posterior pituitary function. Neurovascular hypothesis, hypothalamic and hypophysiotropic neurohormones to the anterior pituitary, experiments. Harris and portal vessels, Halaz and Hypothalamic Hypophysiotropic Area, neuroendocrine transducer cells and AP function. Assessing in vivo and in vitro hypophysiotropic hormone release. Neuroendocrine control, hierarchies, integrators. Inputs to neuroendocrine transducer cells and their effects on AP hormones. ME as a neuroendocrine integration site, other neuroendocrine integration sites. Neurohormones (GnRH, TRH, GHRH, SS, CRH, DA). Hypothalamic – Pituitary Unit 10 ANT, POST, AND INTERMEDIARY PITUITARY, & PINEAL Introduction to hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal function. Posterior pituitary hormones (OT, AVP) and their secretion,
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endo_reccitation 4 - Hypothalamic Pituitary Unit 11...

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