our town and the bill of rights and religion

our town and the bill of rights and religion - angry and...

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Questions for “Bill of Rights and Religion” 1. Why is the Cantwell case so critical to the free exercise provision of the Constitution? It is critical in two respects, one, it recognized an absolute freedom of belief which placed questions of religious truth outside of the legal realm. And two, the Court ruled neither federal nor state governments could unduly infringe on the right to freely exercise religion without a compelling state interest. 2. What 2 considerations does the court make when deciding free exercise cases? They consider two questions. One, does the law target a particular group or individual? And second, even if the law is untargeted, could a reasonable exception be made for the group or individual concerned. Questions for “Our Town” article: 1. Why did Congress pas the Religious Freedom Restoration Act? What happened to this act? They passed the act because after rejecting the claim that the total ban on the use on peyote violated his free exercise, many religious groups were
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Unformatted text preview: angry and said the ruling, “stripped away crucial protections.” The Supreme Court however rejected the act in 1996. What is Rluipa? Why was it passed? Rlupia was the final retooled version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act that was made in 2000. It said that governments could not impose any land use regulations that placed a substantial burden on religious activities unless there was a “compelling state interest.” It showed that all institutions big or small, old or new could be harassed with religious burdens. 2. Why is Rluipa so controversial? Because it does not only affect religious institutions but also can affect homeowners and secular institutions as well, in a harmful way. 3. Do you think Rluipa is a just or unjust law? I do not think it is unjust, because it protects people from being unable to practice their religion or certain aspects on American soil....
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