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Integrative_recitation 7 - Recitation#7 The goal of this...

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Recitation #7 24 The goal of this recitation is to discuss basic physiology of the GI system, the control of metabolism, food intake and energy balance. The sections for this recitation are: Question and answers related to this week lectures Ranking of most important items describing this week lectures which are the lecture related questions you want to answer which are the related paragraphs from YOUR lecture notes which are the related paragraphs from YOUR textbook notes see related paragraph from textbook summaries on the website edit lecture and textbook notes based on your questions write single sentences as YOUR summary for each lecture rank your sentences by importance per each lecture topic Probably a single most important tip for the course is to prepare SENTENCES with what you consider are the main “punch lines” for each lecture. You should RANK them in what you consider is a list from most to less important ideas given in each lecture. You should EDIT them, as for example, checking if more than one sentence might be combined into a better sentence. Finally, make sure that your sentences cover the whole of the topic presented in each lecture. Use this list to discuss material with fellow students and with your instructor. Please be aware that in order to write a single, concise and informative sentence you need to UNDERSTAND , rather than memorize, a piece of information. To test yourself on how good you are doing, check if your sentence used your own words or if you are just borrowing part of a sentence you read in your textbook. Consider that if you can not write an idea into a single sentence, you probably have not yet understood the material. When you are editing your notes, either from lectures or from your textbook, it is important to have a “PLAN” that tells you where are you going with your editing. A good suggestion for this plan is to develop a set of QUESTIONS that you think each lecture was attempting to answer. List all possible questions, then edit and rank the questions, and f nally answer them by merging your lecture notes and the notes you might have summarized from your textbook. The PARAGRAPHS in the following slides are an example of notes you might have taken from a lecture or from a textbook. Use these notes as an exercise by turning them into sentences, then editing them, and f nally by ranking them. Make sure you merge your notes from lectures with your notes from your textbook and make sure your ranked sentences cover the whole material presented in lectures. A Model of Active Learning
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Integrative_recitation 7 - Recitation#7 The goal of this...

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