lecture 20 - Animal Reproduction 24 JP Advis DVM, Ph.D....

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Page 1 Animal Reproduction 24 JP Advis DVM, Ph.D. Bartlett Hall, Animal Sciences, Cook, (732) 932 - 9240, [email protected] Course website: rci.rutgers.edu/~advis Material to be covered: About lecture slides: Meetings 01-02: Introduction to Animal Reproduction (2) Meetings 03-04: Reproductive Structures and their Functions (2) Meetings 05-07: The HPG axis and its Liposoluble and Watersoluble Hormones (3) Meetings 08-09: The Neuroendocrine Control of Male and Female Puberty Onset (2) Meetings 10-11: REVIEW AND TEST #1 Meetings 12-17: Female and Male Reproduction and Techniques for their Control (6) Meetings 18-19: REVIEW AND TEST #2 Meetings 20-21: Reproductive Behavior and the Spermatozoa in the Female Tract (2) Meetings 22-23: Embryogenesis, Placentation, Parturition and Lactation (3) Meetings 24-25: Puerperium, Lactation and Reproductive Ageing (2) Meeting 26 Reproductive Pathology and Case Studies (1) Meetings 27-28: REVIEW AND TEST #3 AND TEST #4 There are not intended to be the sole source for studying the course material !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slides are good to review the course material after you have study your course textbook Slides are a good indicator of the relative importance of lecture topics (see slide # per topic) Group slides by titles when using them to review course material. Match lectures and text. Puerperium and Lactation # lectures for cumulative test # 03 book 20 Reproductive behavior 1 - 11 21 Spermatozoa in female tract: transport, capacitation, fertilization 1 - 12 22 Early embriogenesis and maternal recognition of pregnancy 1 - 13 23 Placentation, the endocrinology of gestation and parturition 1 - 14 24 The puerperium and lactation 1 - 15 25 Reproductive aging and the role of biological clocks in senescence 1 - 15 26 Reproductive pathology: case studies as a tool to study reproductive failure 1 - 15 27 REVIEW – material from lecture # 20 through lecture # 26 1 - 15 28 EXAM # 01 - material from lecture # 01 through lecture # 27 1 - 15
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Page 2 LECTURE #24 Overview from a physiological periods of repair, mammogenesis and lactation, to reproductive ageing Puerperium from parturition to restoring cyclicity, uterina post-partum bacterial contamination Lactation hormones, mammogenesis, milk secretion and ejection, immuno- protection, nutrition and growth factor effects of milk Introduction to senscence from biological clocks to reproductive ageing Puerperium and Lactation Take home message from your textbook Immediate after parturition females began to lactate and enter a period called puerperium, two periods that partially overlap. During puerperium uterine involution and return to ovarian function occurs. Involutions is the reduction in size and “re-modeling” of the endometrium so that the uterus can initiate and sustain another pregnancy. Mammary gland development is initiated prenatally in
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lecture 20 - Animal Reproduction 24 JP Advis DVM, Ph.D....

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