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W170 Reality T.V. Industry Paper Tuesday, September 30, 2008 Coming To America It’s easy to assume that reality television fans are excited for the ninth season of Big Brother , or for the twentieth season of The Real World , but what television needs is a new, innovative show that captures the attention of fervent, reality hungry Americans. Coming To America could serve this very purpose. The catch line at the beginning of the show would read as follows: “Imagine never owning a T.V. Imagine never seeing a reality television show. Now imagine becoming the star of one. This is the show where we go across the globe and select eight foreigners from eight different non-English speaking countries to live together in the U.S. as we document their first encounters in this foreign country; as we film them coming to America .” With this show not only can viewers discover and learn of new cultures and ways of life, but they can also witness the interaction between strangers with virtually nothing in common expect for the fact that they will be paced in the same house thousands of miles away from home and given the opportunity to experience the what it is like to be an American, a lifestyle they may have only heard about. One of the most gripping aspects of Coming to America will be the backgrounds of the cast members and the process by which they are selected. The cast members will be chosen from countries and towns where reality television ceases to exist. A cast member may be chosen from a small town in India, or a sparsely populated country in Africa, or an isolated island in Asia, and so forth. This idea of casting is largely in part of 1
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the social experiment at hand: to witness the human interaction of cultures unknown to each other as well as to the see the impact American life has on such foreigners. Another important part of selecting the cast members is the assurance that the foreigners have had little or no knowledge of reality television and its effects on popular culture. The selection process will seek individuals who do not watch television and these individuals will be drawn in by the mere idea that they will be offered a free trip to America. The reason for this is simple: many reality shows base their premises on how
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Coming to America - 1 W170 Reality T.V. Industry Paper...

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