Democratic delib -strong gov

Democratic delib -strong gov - a sense of community is...

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Democratic deliberation Barber: “A Conceptual Frame: Politics in the Participatory Mode” The Advantage of Strong Government As seen in A Conceptual Frame: Politics in the Participatory Mode, Barber sets forth an argument in favor of a what he describes as a Strong Democracy over his idea of a Representative Democracy. He categorizes representative democracy into three subsets: Authoritative Democracy which uses the executive branch of the Government to employ authority in attempts to achieve order, Juridical Democracy which relies on arbitration to enforce the value of constitutional rights, and Pluralist Democracy which uses the concepts of bargaining and exchange to achieve liberty. The weakness of these modes of Representative Government is simple; it is incompatible with freedom because it denies people of common deliberation, decision, and action, with equality, with equality because
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Unformatted text preview: a sense of community is absent, and social justice because it is not achieved through a participating public. The other form of democracy he describes as Direct Democracy includes the subsets of Unitary Democracy, which is a form where issues are settled unanimously in a collective interest, and Strong Democracy, which solves conflict through participatory process through self-legislation. Unitary Democracy has its weaknesses; it still has a dependency on representation with an added risk of coercive consensualism through its unitary collectivism. Thus is can ultimately be inferred that a Strong Democracy is the most legitimate because it limits conformity through deliberation, decision making, and action through the input of the individual public without the demanded need for representation, thereby supplying citizens with freedom, equality, and social justice....
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Democratic delib -strong gov - a sense of community is...

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