democraticdelib2 - more independent and less mainstream and...

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Stengrim, Negotiating Postmodern Democracy Tuesday, February 17, 2009 Stengrim’s position in his article Negotiating Postmodern Democracy, which suggests that citizen-generated news is powerful and worthwhile, would most likely be approved by Barber based on his support of what he considers to be a ‘Strong Government’. The Strong Government, as Barber describes, attempts to solve conflict through participatory process by self-legislation where citizens are empowered to work together as a collective whole. This ties in to Stengrim’s argument that fully supports the idea of citizen input and participation in a nonconformist manner as seen through Indymedia. In fact, Stengrim’s dismissing view on corporate drawn media, such as CNN for example, can be related to Barbers rejection of Representative Democracies. Thus, Stengrim’s article can also be related to Ivie’s, which suggested that credible dissent is a “double gesture of nonconforming solidarity”(Ivie 286). The dissent seen in Indymedia is
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Unformatted text preview: more independent and less mainstream and therefore more reliable, “rather than being mesmerized by mainstream media’s blurbs about, and glossy images of, embattled police tear-gassing anarchist protesters, citizens could look instead to the local and first-hand perspectives available on Indymedia’s website”(Stengrim 282). Other authors we have read, such as Krauthammer, would most likely be in opposition to Stengrim’s stance. Stengrim believes that globalization is an important aspect of democratic deliberation when Krauthammer apparently does not with his suggestion of removing America’s handlings with overseas tax standards. However in general, most of the authors we have read would agree that democratic deliberation, in whatever form it takes, is vital. As Allen suggests in his article about democratic strangers, effective democracy depends on coming together, and sharing with those who live around us, a stance which Stengrim would agree....
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democraticdelib2 - more independent and less mainstream and...

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