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1 W170 Reality T.V. Fan Community Research Paper Thursday, November 20, 2008 A Shot At Rejection With Tila Tequila It seems as though many television networks will go to any extreme to create a success reality show. For example, MTV’S Shot At Love With Tila Tequila is dating show where a sexually appealing female bisexual has to chose from a group of straight men or a group of gay women in a quest to find ‘true love’. As seen by the fan websites and responses to the show, it appears as though viewers deem the show as fake and staged because they believe MTV is using cultural stereotypes of attractive bisexuals to draw in viewers, indirectly belittling the value of ‘true love’ as well as the authenticity of gay relationships. The idea that the viewers are bitter because they perceive the show as fake due to its discard for the complexity of love and relationships and not because of it’s entailment of bisexuality, shows that society is able to possess a humanly genuine and accepting mentality since they desire true love and happiness for all people regardless of one’s sexual orientation. It is seems quite obvious that a show dating involving a good-looking female bisexual having to choose between a guy or a girl would attract a wide range of audiences. In fact, MTV recaps the first season on their website as follows: “ During season 1 of A Shot at Love , Tila met a bunch of sexy straight guys and luscious lesbians and had to decide if she wanted to be with a guy or a girl.” Here not only are they attempting to attract males who fancy “luscious lesbians”, but girls as well who are drawn in by “sexy straight guys”. They even repeat this same idea when recapping the
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2 second season: “On A Shot at Love 2 , 15 hot new straight guys and 15 sexy new lesbians have been rounded up to vie for Tila Tequila's love and affection.” To MTV’s dismay, this objective may be angering viewers who believe that Tila’s “love and affection” may be a fake scheme in an attempt to draw in these types of audiences. Responses to message boards on MTV’s homepage for Tila clearly indicate viewers’ perceptions of the show as fake. After she chose Kristy, an attractive bisexual, over Bo, an attractive straight male, and then got rejected by Kristy, fans began to doubt the reality of the show even more. On an MTV message board entitled “Who Will Tila Choose”, the comments posted after her decision was provided the evidence that only four people supported her while the other nineteen rejected her, eleven of which called either her, the show, or both ‘fake’. One of the responses read: “Honestly the whole show is a fake, Tila is not really looking for love, Tila just wants to be famous and be on T.V. Tila is a pretty girl she doesn't need help finding her man or woman. MTV makes money,
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W170 -tila - 1 W170 Reality T.V Fan Community Research...

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