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W170- sweet 16 2

W170- sweet 16 2 - 1 Samantha Skjodt W170 Reality T.V Ana...

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Samantha Skjodt W170 Reality T.V. Ana Owusu-Tyo Cultural Politics Paper Thursday, October 30, 2008 My Super Big Ego It is not surprising to see luxurious sports cars, lavish mansions, and over-the-top parties on MTV’s My Super Sweet Sixteen . It is also not uncommon to see these teens throwing fits over which sports cars they will get or over which dresses the will wear. With the show’s choices of editing techniques and sounds effects, MTV sarcastically exaggerates and mocks these dramas they face indirectly implying that they are impractical and nonsensical. Although the lives of MTV’S Sweet Sixteeners appear extravagant and sought-after, with the use of sarcasm it appears in the show that this gaudy lifestyle can trigger rich teens to be superficial and naïve because it has led them to believe that their overwhelming desires to be important and accepted by their peers can be fulfilled by flaunting their money and fortunes. Perhaps one of the most obvious representations of the teens in this manner can be seen in the cold open, which is what makes the first impressions because it shown at the top of the show before the main titles. The Sweet Sixteeners narrate the show themselves so that the viewers can better perceive their attitudes. The first statement by Audrey from episode one of Season five in the cold open is voiceover as she is walking down the beach linking arms in the middle of her two friends: “I always get what I want.” The first statement by Taylor from episode eight of Season seven is another voiceover and is heard 1
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as the camera cuts to her shopping: “Whatever I want, my parents get for me.” After a serious of jump cuts and narrations remarking how they will have the best parties their towns will see, the images of their parties are interrupted by an abrupt change in music from relaxed to intense and frightening as a message is flashed on the screen, “Sometimes Sixteen…Ain’t So Sweet…” These texts are followed by another series of
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W170- sweet 16 2 - 1 Samantha Skjodt W170 Reality T.V Ana...

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