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Psych sleep dep - Going Beyond #1 Sleep Deprivation and...

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Going Beyond #1 Sleep Deprivation and College Students It seems as though the purpose of the research conducted on sleep deprivation shown by college students is to determine how this deprivation can lead to certain consequences, such as students’ cognitive performance as well as their unawareness and inability to recognize these negative consequences. Early studies show the negative affects of sleep deprivation, such as a decreased ability to focus in class and perform effectively on exams, but the purpose of this study was more centered on the students’ own estimate of their performance, exertion of effort, and ability to pay attention. A hypothesis for this experiment may read as follows: if college students are sleep deprived of 24 hours, they will both perform worse and wield self-reports of inferior effort, concentration, and execution. To accurately assess the hypothesis, a complex method was carried out. Sixty-five students, forty-four of which actually completed the study –twenty-six women and eighteen men, were selected from five psychology classes of three different level courses to participate. To measure actual cognitive performance the students were given the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal (WG) test with a time limit of forty minutes. To measure mood a profile of mood states was used where participants picked from a list
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Psych sleep dep - Going Beyond #1 Sleep Deprivation and...

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