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Study Guide Coll-E Picasso What materials did Picasso use in making his Still Life with Chair Caning (1912)? What is the significance of the letters JOU? The oval shape of this canvas is unusual (although Picasso did use it elsewhere). Can you suggest a reason why the oval format was chosen here: does it represent something? What is meant by the French expression trompe-l’oeil and how does it apply to this collage? Materials: piece of an oilcloth printed to imitate a chair. Surrounded by a real piece of rope- suggests edge of a table cloth and serves as a border. JOU: newspaper Oval: no fucking idea hah Trompe: fools the eye, cant tell if actual materials or painting Picasso’s Three Musicians (1921) has a very visible subject: three seated figures, in carnival costume, holding musical instruments. A prominent Picasso scholar had suggested that Three Musicians is a painting that had autobiographical meaning for Picasso. Please explain (briefly). In keeping with this theme, Picasso used traditional “vanitas” symbolism in this painting. What does “vanitas” mean and which aspects of this
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