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Democratic Deliberation CMCL222 February 3, 2009 George Lakoff & Mark Johnson, Metaphors We Live By According to Lakoff, a metaphor is more than a term that classifies certain rhetoric of our language. Metaphors are ways of understanding something in terms of another. For example, the metaphor “argument is war” leads to our conception that an argument is to be won or loss. The metaphor “time is money” leads to our belief that time is a resource, a valuable commodity, and governs the way we conceptualize it. In a way, metaphors shape our world because they govern our modes of perception and ways of thinking that provide systems by which we live our lives. For example, the metaphor
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Unformatted text preview: “argument is war” shapes the very essence by which we argue; people would experience argumentation in a completely different way if it were not based on the terms or winning and losing or attacking and defending. However in our culture in reference to democratic deliberation, winning and losing is very quintessence of argument, and it would be out of the ordinary to imagine it otherwise. So although metaphorical concepts can be extraordinary as they challenge many literal ways of thinking, they can also possess the ability to deceive us of our intellectual and behavioral capacities....
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