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Bus P 300/ In class notes Page 126 Project MGMT PLANNING A PROJECT 1. Develop a work breakdown structure a. Pour concrete foundation / 4 months / - b. Fabricate exterior / 10months / A c. Construct interior walls / 6months / B d. Install interior lighting / 4 months / B e. Install heat, ventalation, ac / 3 months / C, D 2. Diagram the network a. -> 6(C) b. 4 (A) -> 10(B) 3(E) ->4(D) 3. Determine critical path
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Unformatted text preview: and slack time a. ABCE = 4+10+6+3 = 23 MONTHS = critical b/c it’s the longest b. ABDE = 21 months c. Slack (amount of time an activity can be late without causing the project to be late) c.i. A= 0, B= O, C=O, D=23(duration of project)-21(duration of sequence that D is part of)=2--- if D is part of 2 sequences we always use the longest sequence, E=0...
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