P1 Harry Potter and the Expansion of Literacy

P1 Harry Potter and the Expansion of Literacy - Expository...

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Expository 101 LP September 16 th , 2008 The Daily Prophet and the Expansion of Literacy The passage, “Why Heather can write: Media Literacy and the Harry Potter Wars” by Henry Jenkins, is based on a fan fiction website that helps young writers expand their knowledge. Writers are able to speak and converse about their problems and difficulties of their lives. Due to this key aspect, this fan fiction website is positively a valid education pursuit. Not all schools allow students to expand their minds in the way that every student would like, therefore, websites like this help those in need of a desirable writing pursuit. It is a way for students to expand on various literacy skills valued in traditional education. The fan fiction writers are, together, engaging in an intellectual activity that helps expands their knowledge and love for reading and writing. As The Daily Prophet’s creator, Heather Lawver, says, “By developing the mental ability to analyze the written word at a young age, children will find a love for reading unlike any other” (Miller & Spellmeyer 276). Learning literacy skills at a young age drastically helps children in their later years with reading and writing. Fan fiction websites, such as The Daily Prophet, help celebrate learning, bring forth a passion for reading and writing and promote literacy skills and that students learn through writings of not only their own, but those of fellow writers. Education in this generation is usually limited to classrooms and schools. Students learn the basics of education such as the alphabet, mathematics, and general writing skills. While doing so, every student is learning something new, which is why it is considered educational. The same applies to the fan fiction websites, students learn
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2 various new aspects of reading and writing that they never knew before, therefore the website is most definitely a valid educational pursuit. It is a way of learning for students, outside of the school environment. It engages young writers in an intellectual activity that keeps them focused on learning about reading and writing. “Teen writers develop a vocabulary for talking about writing and learn strategies for rewriting and improving their
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P1 Harry Potter and the Expansion of Literacy - Expository...

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