P4 values and consequences

P4 values and consequences - 30 October 2008 Masculinity...

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30 October 2008 Masculinity and Self-Esteem Relations Values and consequences are both central aspects of life and the world we live in. Specific training is also a key component and plays a large role in education. In “An Army of One: Me, ” Jean Twenge addresses high self-esteem and it’s values and consequences. The belief and concentration solely on one’s self is seen as a valuable trait in the world today, but excessive amounts of self-esteem could also lead to dreadful consequences, such as narcissism. Twenge also examines how the teaching of high self-esteem plays a role in education today. Students in all levels of the educational system are being taught to acquire and maintain high self-esteem. Likewise, in “The Naked Citadel,” author Susan Faludi draws upon the role in which masculinity and femininity plays in education. Faludi also exemplifies the values and consequences, brought upon by, not only males but females also, of feminism and masculinity. Together, Twenge and Faludi epitomize the values and consequences of both self- esteem and gender representations and the larger roles their training plays in education. Values are instilled in every human being from the day of birth. Both male and females are taught strict morals that are to be followed throughout the course of their lives. In “The Naked Citadel,” Susan Faludi analyzes the values of males at The Citadel, a public military college, and their masculinity. She also examines their views towards women and their femininity. Jean Twenge on the other hand, also examines values, but instead, she explores it in regards to high-self esteem. The Citadel is an academy where young boys go to develop into men. It is a strict military-based college that
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2 enforces and promotes masculinity. The males are placed into a nine-month “fourth- class system” which “strip[s] each young recruit of his original identity and remold[s] him into the Whole Man” (Faludi 182). It is a place of development and learning for each individual in attendance. Similarly, the educational system of schools today is also a place for learning. Self-esteem is a key aspect that is being taught to children of all ages. Nowadays, “American culture [has become] more and more a celebration of the individual” (Twenge 755). The self is a prime aspect of concern and individuals are being taught to believe and care about themselves the most as an autonomous, free person. At The Citadel, one main motto is “To discipline is to teach.” The self is also the main focus at the college, as one of the needs taught to the students are “the rudiments
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P4 values and consequences - 30 October 2008 Masculinity...

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