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Rana 1 Ronak Rana Professor Boemo Expository Writing 101 LP 2 December 2008 Complexities of Media Interpretations The media and various other sources can drastically affect the outcome and presentation of an event. There are also many ways a story can be limited by various perplexities. To make up for this, the media and others fill in the gaps with aspects and in ways in which they think the event occurred. They put their own opinions into the story and stretch the truth as far as possible. Beth Loffreda’s “Losing Matt Shepard: Life and Politics in the Aftermath of Anti-Gay Murder,” is a great depiction of how a horrific event, such as a murder, can turn into a media outcry, with details falsely attained. The individual, Matt Shepard, got lost in the media frenzy that turned into a national controversy. People started to overlook his murder and instead, started to look at the town of Laramie itself and the state of Wyoming and its values. Additionally, Jon Krakauer analyzes the death of Chris McCandless in his story, “Into the Wild.” He explores the events that led up to McCandless’s untimely death and the questions that surround it. Krakauer also questions why McCandless embarked on the journey in the first place and what his exact motives were when he returned from the Alaskan wilderness. The two articles depict limitations in the representation of the complexities surrounding the two men’s deaths, as everyone is limited to knowing exactly what occurred on the dreadful nights and the time leading up to them and their misinterpretations. The media exploits the deaths of Matt Shepard and Chris McCandless in “half-unearthed truths” (Loffreda 387). Most of their depictions of the men are not factual and accurate. Both Shepard and McCandless were young, outgoing men. Their lives were unfortunately ended
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2 abruptly. Shepard was murdered due to his sexuality, and McCandless died due to starvation in the wild. Both deaths occurred unknowingly, as no one knew what had happened until days later. When the news of the murder of Shepard leaked, the media was all over it. Family, friends, and news reporters alike all started to question every aspect of the situation. The media’s interest increased exponentially after the press conference had indicated that he was “tied like a scarecrow” (Loffreda 370). Even though this really was not true, the media grasped this image and exploited it to the greatest extent. This was a limitation in the representation of Matt’s death, as the media did not know exactly how he was murdered. Chris McCandless death was also grasped by the media and criticized. They said that the scope of his self-styled adventure was so small as to ring pathetic—squatting in a wrecked bus a few miles out of Healy, potting jays and squirrels, mistaking a caribou for a moose (pretty hard to do). . . . Only one word for the guy: incompetent. (Krakauer 358) The media thought that McCandless was naïve because he was unprepared for the journey in
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P6 lim:rep:complx - Rana 1 Ronak Rana Professor Boemo...

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