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10:24:08 law&politics

10:24:08 law&politics - The court forms a pool of 6...

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How a case gets to the Supreme Court and how they decided what cases they want to hear and what they don’t want to hear - Anyone who goes thru the trial and appellate courts [thru the whole federal court system] has the right to appeal to the supreme court to have the case re-heard - Person is guilty all the way thru the state supreme court and the issue is a FEDERAL matter, then you can appeal to the Supreme Court - The supreme court, can pick and choose amongst the cases that are satisfied the basic parameters, have come thru the whole lower court systems, must be a suit or civil action has to have been initiated against a particular defendant and has to be formally documented
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Unformatted text preview: The court forms a pool of 6 justices, all of the petitions are randomly divided against the justices, (all justices have equal power), the clerks from each office will put together a brief on those petitions in which they have been assigned. The clerk will talk about the general content, if appeal went to complete circuit court, and the justices want to know who wrote the opinion in the lower court (different judges give advantages and such). -No justice is more important than any other justice, they pick what cases will be put on the discussed list-9 justices go into conference and nobody else and they decide which cases on the list they will take into consideration-...
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