Law&Politics Review Exam 2

Law&Politics Review Exam 2 - the don’t know the...

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18:40 REVIEW SESSION ROOM A6  CIVIL LIBERTY CASES Lockner Gains Brown v Board West coast hotel Palco Getlo FINDLAW.COM CASE SYLLABUS SUBSTANTIVE DUE PROCESS! Caroline products –  footnote   4  – substantive due process concept Why does the court select the cases it does? What is the pool? How many justices does the rule of 4 allude to? Many communities are in the least position to protect themselves against the denials, 
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Unformatted text preview: the don’t know the rights, they don’t make a lot of money to afford, and many people don’t have the background for education and/or schools might not be the best. They are unable to fully pursue their rights as a citizen. Cue theory, some justices cue on other justices, ask questions, should I or should I not?...
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