9:16:08 pysch

9:16:08 pysch - low activity(blood flow o fMRI(1990s...

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Quasi-Experiments Like Experiments but without random assignments Ex. Male vs. Female, Depressed vs. Non-Depressed Limits of Experimental Research Complex real world issues cannot be easily studied in the lab Researching the Brain Brain research is dependent on technology. Early Brain researchers could: o Examine the thoughts and behaviors of patients who had suffered brain damage Broca’s Area and speech deficits o Perform lesion experiments in animals: Destroy a specific brain region and then examine the effects of that lesion on behavior Hypothalamic damage can lead to obesity Single cell recordings Brain imaging techniques: o EEG (1930s) and MEG (1990s) Track the electrical activity of the brain o CAT and MRI scans (1980s) Provide detailed pictures of brain structures o PET scan (1990s) Radioactive tracers are used to map brains regions for high and
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Unformatted text preview: low activity (blood flow) o fMRI (1990s) Magnetically detect blood flow to the brain during activity o TMS (2000s) The Mind Influences Health o Directly- Through the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems control of critical body organs o Indirectly- Through the control of the endocrine system Ex. – rich connections b/t hypothalamus and the pituitary gland Frontal Lobe Damage and Personality o Frontal lobes are involved in movement, attention, planning, memory, and personality o Frontal lobe function in personality is evident in the case of Phincas Gage Gage suffered frontal lobe damage in an accident He was a railroad supervisor prior to the damage After the damage he exhibited personality changes...
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9:16:08 pysch - low activity(blood flow o fMRI(1990s...

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