Bibliography:Thesis:5symbols - Bibliography Campbell,...

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Bibliography Campbell, Joseph. The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Cleveland: The World Publishing Company, 1949. Jung, Carl G. Man and his Symbols. NY: Dell Publishing Co., 1964. Propp, Vladimir. The Morphology of the Folktale. Louis A. Wagner, ed.; trans. Laurence Scott. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1968. Raffel, Burton. Beowulf . MA: New American Library of World Literature, Inc. 1963. Savage, Anne. "Beowulf - Epic Poem about the Hero Beowulf." Medieval History – Life in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. 05 Mar. 2009 <>. Van Gennep, Arnold. The Rites of Passage. Trans. Monika B. Vizedom and Gabrielle L. Caffee. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd, 1960.
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Thesis Statement In this paper, I will interpret, analyze, and argue that the narrative poem of Beowulf can be interpreted mythologically and related to folktale morphology, hero quests, traditional rituals, creation and destruction themes, The Rites of Passage and more.
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Bibliography:Thesis:5symbols - Bibliography Campbell,...

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