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cosmic serpent 2 - a very long history to back it up which...

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Ronak Rana World Mythology 3/30 I think Jeremy Narby’s arguments are plausible because the fact that everything HAS to have come from somewhere so the argument about all the medicnal plant knowledge is plausible and tenable. All these medicines don’t just show up out of no where, they have to be found or made by people and the knowledge of the plants have to have came from somewhere so his idea about the Ayahuasca and its ability to give access to certain information that isn’t available to a person in their normal state of mind is a good reasoning behind how the knowledge is received. Also the people of the amazon who have came up with all of this knowledge about the Ayahuasca plant have been doing this for thousands of years and different tribes have various different information about the plant and they ways of using it and its results. These interpretations go back and have
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Unformatted text preview: a very long history to back it up which makes it more plausible. However, he could have used more evidence to back his hypothesis up and make it stronger with information about the “creator” and also about what exactly happens when the plant is used which causes these answers to certain ideas to come up in one’s mind. More research is needed in order to make everything more concrete. Even Narby himself asks the question “But what actually goes on in the brain/mind of an ayhuasquero when this occurs?” (Narby 160). Questions like this need plausible answers, which would back up his theory and make it so much stronger. Concisely, his argument overall does hold together and it is tenable but there are some questions that need to be answered in order to make everything more clear and solid....
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