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cosmic serpent

cosmic serpent - Ronak Rana World Mythology 3/25 The Cosmic...

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Ronak Rana World Mythology 3/25 The Cosmic Serpent The interpretation of the Amazonian local medicinal plant knowledge that I think is more tenable is the trail and error interpretation because it is more plausible but I personally think that it was made by a creator and people learn more and more when they are under the influence of it. Its hard for that to be plausible because you cant really prove that a “creator” made it and you cant prove who the creator is and/or get in any kind of contact with the person who came up with it which is what makes it a little unreasonable. On the other hand, the trial and error interpretation can actually take place and happen. One main aspect that makes it tenable is that it can be replicated, which means it can still be done to this day and proved to be logical. Even though it would have taken hundreds of thousands of years for trial and error to occur in order to find all the mystical cures and medicines from the plants, it is still plausible. Trail and error is basically a
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