hinduism - -People were born into casts in which they could...

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Ronak Rana World Mythology 3/4/09 Hinduism - Many Hindu’s take spirit and body cleansing baths before dawn all over India, and as far as Singapore and Washington D.C. - Also do pooja, worship statue or picture of gods lighting incest’s and giving flowers, fruits milk or sweets - Some do yoga, practice breath control - Hinduism has a wide variety of beliefs and practices - Some may contradict each other - Veda- means truth or knowledge (Hindu scriptures) - Some rituals require either weeks, months, or years, and special priests - Cow is sacred animal, symbol of earths fertility so eating beef became a sin
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Unformatted text preview: -People were born into casts in which they could not change- Hindu’s elaborated and argued against the ideas of the bhuddist and jainist- Took up concepts of karma – negative and positive influences- Hindu philosophers began to systemize ideas- shankara – talented philosopher important exponent of advita Vedanta- Mahabharata – the great books of the Bharatas- The bhagavad gita – part of the Mahabharata- 18 chapters of sacred scriptures- Dialogue between prince and the god Krishna in human form...
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