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Ronak Rana World Mythology 3/23 The peyote ceremony practiced by the Lakota is multi-cultural because it can be seen and related to similar practices that are done today by various other cultures. The peyote ceremonies are a way for the people to change their state of minds and visions and see other things and look at life from another aspect. The peyote can be related to drugs that are used by people today, such as marijuana and other pills and powers used. They all change peoples state of mind and alter their actions, even though most of the time this happens negatively, like peoples reaction times are slowed down and their minds function slower. This is why almost all these drugs are illegal to the normal people in this country. However, the Indians view peyote, not as a drug, but as a plant that they use religiously. They use it to get in touch with themselves and to look at aspects of their lives in other ways, more religious ways and in religious aspects. They take the peyote as they
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Unformatted text preview: pray around a fire, which has a lot of symbolism and meaning to them. Mythology intersects with Sun Ra’s life, music, philosophy, and identity in various forms. His life revolved around being different and following what he wanted to do. He changed his name multiple times and came to Sun Ra after various interpretations of the sun, stars, planets, and cosmology. It expressed himself and what he does and what he wants to do. He didn’t go to school even tho he had the chance to become one of the best things a black person could become, yet instead he followed his “persona legend” and did what he really wanted to do. His love for music really inspired him. He used music as his connection to myth. It was the bridge that connected him to “other dimensions.” It leads to a connection to the people thru various songs, clubs, theaters, dance halls and they would get drawn to the music and eventually it would actually be IN and a part of them....
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