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Ronak Rana World Mythology February 9 th , 2009 Beowulf – Beowulf comes and saves the kingdom from the monster Grendel who terrorizes the Danes and after he kills him, he also kills his mother who seeks revenge. Beowulf is proclaimed a hero and eventually becomes King of Geatland. 50 years later he dies in fighting and killing a dragon. Beauty and The Beast – Father gets in trouble when trying to get something for his daughter, and in turn, he is forced to give up his daughter to the beast, who in the end becomes a prince and marries her. Aladdin – A regular street merchant meets a princess whom he falls in loves with and he is used by Jafar to try to get a magic lamp, which Aladdin keeps for himself and used the genie to grants him wishes and in the end, Aladdin and Jasmine get married happily ever after. The Lion King – Father gets killed because the uncle wants to take the throne and rule the land with the hyenas by his side and the fathers son, Simba fleas the land, is raised by
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