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Ronak Rana World Mythology The Alchemist This book is a really good motivator. It can teach you many life lessons and facts about life that are actually true. The morals behind a lot of the occurrences can be related to actual reality. One of the things it teaches is that in life, you have to take risks in order to move forward and progress. If your just going to sit around and not make changes and do the same stuff that you always do, then your not going to get anywhere, your just going to stay where you are. Also with this, the book explains that every person have a personal legend in which their living to fulfill. Santiago also realizes this, that his personal legend is his only real reason for being. While pursuing your personal legend, the universe and everyone out there is out to help you succeed, as the book says. Another thing taught by the book is that if something is meant to be, it will happen by itself, you shouldn’t try to force and make things happen when its not meant to be, just wait it out and it will come
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