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The She-Calf - Ronak Rana World Mythology The She-Calf...

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Ronak Rana World Mythology The She-Calf Story The She-Calf story from Peru is a mythological story that originated from Peru. It includes various functions set forth by Propp. A sequence of functions, as Propp states, is considered a fairytale. Therefore, the She-Calf story is a fairytale story that begins with a Preparatory Part, which is the beginning where the birth of the She-Calf takes place. This leads to function “a”, which is a lack. The lack is a lack of the born possessing human qualities and traits. Instead, the baby comes out to be a she-calf, which is what the mother wanted; a baby that resembles her animals. This is also the initial situation, of the mother wanting a child that is just like her own animals. The next function that occurs is absentation, where the she-calf, a member of the family, absents herself from the mother and father and is sent to the grazing lands. Then, an interdiction is addressed to Marianito to take care of the she-calf and visit her every Sunday. A function that the she-calf story is
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