The two Sandman stories

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Ronak Rana The Sandman Stories World Mythology 2/2 The two Sandman stories, The Hunt and The Parliament of the Rooks, both have similar morals to the fairytales. The initial situation for The Parliament of the Rooks starts out with the mother, who is somewhat distressed with having a baby, puts the baby to sleep. The baby then goes into his own dream. In The Hunt, the grandfather and the daughter, who are generations apart, sit down together and the grandfather tells the daughter a story about a poor man that lived in the forest with his father. Both fairytales start off with two individuals and a story waiting to be told. The first function that occurs for both stories is absentation. In The Parliament of the Rooks, the child Daniel absents himself by going off into a dream where he meets Matthew the bird. In The Hunt, Vassily absents himself from his own father as he tries to go and search for the lady on the necklace, which was given to him by the peddler woman. Next, in The Parliament of the
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