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Erick Liang Biology Concepts 100 2/27/08 Data Analysis and Spreadsheets I. Pre-Lab Preparatory Information A. Spreadsheets i. Graph and calculate functions, and provide visual presentation of patterns, along with summary or descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. ii. Population – is all possible observations from a populations iii. Sample – is a subset of the possible observations from a population iv. Parameter – number developed to describe some aspect of the entire population v. Statistic – number developed to describe an aspect of a sample B. Descriptive Measures i. Central tendency – measures that describe the typical state of sample ii. Inferential statistics – numbers used to draw inferences about a population from a sample iii. Inference – conclusion made based on available evidence a. Inferences are a form of inductive reasoning – reasoning from detailed facts to form a general principle C. Analysis activities i. regression analysis to obtain linear function
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Unformatted text preview: II. In Laboratory Exercises A. making a Spreadsheet Table i. Make table using recall experiment data B. Data Reduction and Descriptive Statistics i. Using central tendency find numbers describing median, mean, and mode of data. C. Graphing i. Using data fields construct a graph ii. Edit axes, add trend lines, and interpret the equation displayed by trend-line, understanding R-Squared, Interpreting a Coefficient of Determination, Correlation Coefficient, Interpreting r, Consider Printing D. Your Lab Report i. Preparing to develop your report ii. Ideas to consider as you analyze the data and construct your final report iii. Important of Sample Size the Law of Large Numbers a. Law of Large Numbers large number of items chose at random from a populations, on average, have characteristics of the populuation iv. Special Requirements for your Final Report a. No reference can come from Wikipedia, No quoting...
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Lab5outline - II. In Laboratory Exercises A. making a...

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