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8. Kant theory of right action: Act always such that you treat humanity, whether in yourself or in others, as an end and never merely as a means. - Humanity formulation - Treat them as a means as well as an end. - Means o Don’t involve people in courses of action to which they couldn’t in principle consent to. o Corresponds to the duties of justice (perfect duties/all the time duties) - End o Respecting the ends that they have set for themselves. o Corresponds to the duties of beneficence (imperfect duties) If you can prevent something bad from happening without sacrificing anything of moral significance whatsoever then you should do so.
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Unformatted text preview: Without sacrificing something of comparable moral significance. Singer 26. Answer what is means to be sexist- uphold, support or promote those practices of sex marking.- Anti-sexist Try to destroy the practice of sex marking. Don’t sex mark 27. Satz argues for this claim. She dismisses 3 arguments for this claim that she thinks fails but she agrees with the conclusion. - Contract pregnancies are objectionable not in principle but what makes it objectionable is that we live in a sexist community. You don’t have to mention the arguments that she rejects. Formalize each argument, try to list or number them....
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