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Frye Sexism - o Bodily Hair styles having clothing...

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Will Hodgkins Phil 112 SS1 2011 Frye: Sexism Starting definition : Anything that creates, promotes or exploits an irrelevant distinction between sexes. - Definition fails because relevance is intra-systematic. o Definition is too narrow. It would let things that actually are sexist to be excluded. Final Definition of Sexism : Any cultural or economic structure which creates or enforces the patterns of sex marking which divide the species into dominators and subordinates. -
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Unformatted text preview: o Bodily: Hair styles, having, clothing, accessories, make up, etc. o Schemas for interaction. Gait (walk differently), posture, sitting, gestures, etc. o Sex marking is pervasive and obligatory. Oppression: A system of structures which disadvantages a group of people.-You can’t have this unless there is a way to identify the differences in that group. Social/political action Reconstruction of our practices....
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