John Rawls - A Theory of Justice

John Rawls - A Theory of Justice - Principles of justice...

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Will Hodgkins Phil 112 SS1 2011 John Rawls: A Theory of Justice End state theory of justice: Whether or not a society is just depends on the state of that society at a certain time regardless of how it came about. - With respect to any given society, we can judge whether or not it is just by looking at how goods are distributed. Society: A collection of people working together to benefit everyone. Cooperative endeavor for a mutual advantage.
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Unformatted text preview: Principles of justice When is a set of institutions in a society just or unjust? The Basic Structure of Society is the object of justice.-Major institutions o Political constitution (laws). o Systems of private property. o Economic arrangements/policies. o The family* Why are these part of the basic structure? Why are these objects of justice?-They have a profound influence on life prospects....
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