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Mill On The Subject of Women

Mill On The Subject of Women - Will Hodgkins Phil 112 SS1...

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Will Hodgkins Phil 112 SS1 2011 Mill: On the Subject of Women Feminism: - Belief that there should be equal rights. (Between women and men) - Belief that there aren’t equal rights - Acting to promote equal rights between men and women - It is not clear what feminism actually requires and feminists often argue about what feminism is defined as. 1840-1920: First wave. - 1862: Emancipation Proclamation - 1869: Mill – On the subject of women. - 1920: Women’s suffrage - Aim of first wave feminists: Securing legal access to voting, employment, education, and property ownership. 1960-1980: Second Wave - 1972: Title IX - 1973: Roe v. Wade - Liberal Feminists o Focus on sameness of our minds, between men and women. (Equally rational and intelligent.) o Work “within the system.” Worked towards legal reforms…Ex: Title IX o Possible Criticism: They maintain normative dualism. Dualism of mind over body. - Radical Feminists o Focused on bodily differences. o From outside “the system”/overthrow the system.
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