Kant vs Mill Comparison - Helpful for Paper 1

Kant vs Mill Comparison - Helpful for Paper 1 - of the good...

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Will Hodgkins Phil 112 SS1 2011 Kant vs. Mill Helpful for Paper #1 Mill Kant Theory of Value Pleasure is the only thing good in itself; pain is the only thing bad in itself. Theory of Right Action An action is right if and only if it is among the best options available to the agent. - Has the highest balance of pleasure over pain. - Everyone’s pleasure and pain is equal. - It is possible to act rightly even if your actions bring about a bad state of affairs. i. You can act wrongly and bring about a good state of affairs. - When balancing actions you must consider all
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Unformatted text preview: of the good and bad, forever. i. Motives are only taken into account if they have bad consequences.-The Theory of Right Action IS NOT a decision procedure. Categorical Imperative: An action is right if and only if:-It expresses a maxim which we could will as a universal law.-Maxim: Rule that tells you how to act in a particular situation. -It treats humanity, whether in oneself or another person, as an end and not merely as an means.-It is ok to treat someone as both a means and an end.-This is known as the Humanity Formula...
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