Lecture 1

Lecture 1 - and reproduce Interdependencies among organisms...

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Lecture 1 Biology – scientific study of life Foundation for questions about life and the natural world Scientific Method o Observation – need to be objective, when they are stated we all need to understand and agree on what they are saying o Hypothesis Independent and Dependent variables If/Then form o Experimentation – characteristics of a good experiment follow from a good hypothesis Control group – a constant variable Single Variable – note other factors that may affect the outcome and try to eliminate their influence Replicates of the experiment, multiple individuals (large sample) Record all variables o Theory – something we hold to be true Biology concepts o Energy – the capacity to do work We take energy from our food and convert it into a another form to use in our bodies Derive energy from matter but energy doesn’t get turned into matter and matter doesn’t get turned into energy o Metabolism – cell reactions to acquire and use energy to grow, survive,
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Unformatted text preview: and reproduce Interdependencies among organisms o Producers Make their own food with external energy o Consumers Depend on energy stores in tissues of others o Decomposers Break down remains and wastes Energy Flow o Sun o Organism to organism o Energy flows in 1 directions o Eventually, all energy flows back to the environment Three-Domain Classification o Bacteria single cell prokaryotes, most ancient lineage o Archaea single cell prokaryotes, live in extreme conditions o Eukarya (protests, plants, fungi, animals) eukaryotes (with nucleus) single and multi-celled protests, plants, fungi, and animals Levels of organization o Ecosystem level o Community level o Population level o Organism level o Organ system level o Organ level o Tissue level o Cellular level o Chemical level...
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Lecture 1 - and reproduce Interdependencies among organisms...

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