Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Cell replacement Asexual reproduction does not...

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Lecture 7 - Cell cycle Interphase – the cell is not dividing Mitosis – actively dividing o Occurs the most in your intestine because its purpose is digestion o The most human mitosis occurs at the hospital o Hot spots on campus include child care center o Mitosis occurs for growth and wound healing o Nerve cells don’t undergo mitosis very frequently Cytokinesis – “cell movement” cytoplasm divides o Nuclear division without cytoplasmic division would create a cell with 2 nuceli G1 – getting ready to divide S phase – copying genetic material G2 – sets up to move into mitosis Mitosis includes: o Prophase o Metaphase o Anaphase o Telophase Cell division – genetic (nuclear) division o Duplicated o Parceled to daughter cells Division mechanisms o Eukaryotic organisms Mitosis Used for growth
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Unformatted text preview: Cell replacement Asexual reproduction does not create a new genetic combination o Strawberries Sexual reproduction involves an individual with a new genetic combination Meiosis o Prokaryotic organisms Prokaryotic fission o Chromosomes o Karyotype typing your nucleus Taking cells, treating them with a chemical that stops them in the middle of cell division, and then chromosomes are counted o Single stranded one chromosome (unduplicated) o Double stranded one chromosome (duplicated) made up of two chromatids Chromosome number o Somatic (body) cells (mitosis) Generally diploid (2n) 2 of each type o Gametes (meiosis) Haploid (n) 1 of each type o Diploid cells from fusion of haploid gametes...
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Lecture 7 - Cell replacement Asexual reproduction does not...

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