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Lecture 12 - growth factor which could be applied to burn...

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Lecture 12 Genetic engineering = gene splicing o Original work done in bacteria o Inserting DNA from one organism into a different organism Bacterial genetics o Lateral gene transfer o Transformation – bacterium takes up DNA from the environment, which becomes incorporated in the bacterial chromosome o Conjugation (may involve a plasmid) – 2 bacteria form a conjugation bridge, replicated DNA travels through bridge, and attaches to the recipient’s DNA Recipient still has all of its original genes plus new Plasmid DNA can also be copied and sent to the recipient Plasmids sometime adhere to the bacterial chromosome and crossing over can occur o Transduction (virus such as a bacteriophage) – viral DNA is inserted into the chromosome of the recipient o This can be used positively, insertion of genes into bacteria on purpose can create synthetic factories out of the bacteria – insulin or epidermis
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Unformatted text preview: growth factor, which could be applied to burn patients, first you would have to find the gene for epidermal growth factor, then figure out how to insert that gene into a bacteria • Gene splicing o Must obtain a desirable gene Know gene product (epidermal growth factor) Analyze (find amino acids, use chart to find codons) to determine DNA sequence Form or find DNA Cut DNA (restriction enzymes) • Cuts DNA at specific sequences, leaving sticky ends, or bases that stick out • Hamilton Smith discovered bacterial enzyme that chops of viral DNA at particular sequences by studying influenzae o Open a gene (restriction enzyme) o Insert new DNA (DNA ligase) o Transfer plasmid to bacteria o Find and select colonies make desired production • All cells have the same genes o Gene expression determines tissue type and cell functionality •...
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