Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - government o 2 parts of her plan • Sex strike...

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Lecture 6 Review: 3 basic principles of comedy o Surprise o Objectivity o Exposure God Dionysus’s association with comedy o Comedy Primal drives, human appetites Pathos – scene of pain, suffering Festival of Dionysis – City Dionysia o How comedy evolved Influences of tragedy o Ditharambic chorus o Epic poetry Horace Warpols statement Reversal – change of events o Aristotle believes a good play leads to recognition that a character gains Goals of Aristotle o Comes of with 6 dramatic elements o Affirms the significance of theatre o Plato deems theatre as unimportant Dramatic convention – standard, accepted as the way things are done o Chrous o Only three actors o Theatrical space o Use of masks o All male actors Komoidia – song of the revelers o Greek root word for comedy Lysistrata o Low comedy, low jokes, sexual innuendos o Blatant sexuality o Comedy about war at a time of war and about overthrow of the
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Unformatted text preview: government o 2 parts of her plan • Sex strike • Seize the state treasury o Greatest threat of the plan • Women not being able to hold out • The force of sex would be greater than human control o Chorus • Split down the middle, male and female chorus • Main location for the physical humor o • Vocabulary • Komoidia • Satyr play – short comic sketches • Peloponnesian war – 411 BC Lysistrata is written • Athens is a lot more in danger, fighting with Sparta • Old comedy • Specific form of Greek drama • Aristotle’s are the only ones that survived • Defined by its political orientation • Wide variety of comic devices that it uses in the course of a single play • Inversion • Turning the expected upside down • Role reversal – men are ruled by their emotions not the women • o...
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Lecture 6 - government o 2 parts of her plan • Sex strike...

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