Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - government o 2 parts of her plan Sex strike...

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Lecture 6 Review: 3 basic principles of comedy o Surprise o Objectivity o Exposure God Dionysus’s association with comedy o Comedy Primal drives, human appetites Pathos – scene of pain, suffering Festival of Dionysis – City Dionysia o How comedy evolved Influences of tragedy o Ditharambic chorus o Epic poetry Horace Warpols statement Reversal – change of events o Aristotle believes a good play leads to recognition that a character gains Goals of Aristotle o Comes of with 6 dramatic elements o Affirms the significance of theatre o Plato deems theatre as unimportant Dramatic convention – standard, accepted as the way things are done o Chrous o Only three actors o Theatrical space o Use of masks o All male actors Komoidia – song of the revelers o Greek root word for comedy Lysistrata o Low comedy, low jokes, sexual innuendos o Blatant sexuality o Comedy about war at a time of war and about overthrow of the
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Unformatted text preview: government o 2 parts of her plan Sex strike Seize the state treasury o Greatest threat of the plan Women not being able to hold out The force of sex would be greater than human control o Chorus Split down the middle, male and female chorus Main location for the physical humor o Vocabulary Komoidia Satyr play short comic sketches Peloponnesian war 411 BC Lysistrata is written Athens is a lot more in danger, fighting with Sparta Old comedy Specific form of Greek drama Aristotles are the only ones that survived Defined by its political orientation Wide variety of comic devices that it uses in the course of a single play Inversion Turning the expected upside down Role reversal men are ruled by their emotions not the women o...
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Lecture 6 - government o 2 parts of her plan Sex strike...

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