Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Vocab o Akropolic o Parthenon o Pelopennesian...

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Lecture 7 – Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder Review Lysistrata scene – between Merene and Kinesis “Young and old fell in love with enterprise” - Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War Gods o Ares (mars) o Aphrodite (venus) Women into making love, renewing Athens as a community o Eros (cupid) Force of love Everyone suffers from desire o Athena Goddess of Athens, temples of Athena on the acropolis Child of Zeus Born out of Zeus’s head dressed in full armor – which separates her from feminine weakness Lacks an allegiance to a mother figure Born out of his head suggests military strategy Humans o Demos o Oikos “The home” We get the word, economics - “running of the home”, from Oikos o Lysistrata/Lysimache Connection to goddess Athena in human form Mortal form of the god Comedy o Old comedy o Inversion o Utopia Perfect world and at the same time no place o Thucydides
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Unformatted text preview: Vocab o Akropolic o Parthenon o Pelopennesian war Significance of the statue at the end of the play between Athens and Sparta o Reinforces gender conflict o Suggests a slow return to reality o Literal symbol of a passive female controlled by a male Conclusion o Collective celebration of the men and women o Renewal, rebirth, harmony o Lysistrata is left as a solitary individual, she is never associated with a man or family, begins to seem like the goddess Athena herself Athena connections o Lysimache disbander of battles o Lysistrata disbander of armies o Rational, dignified character throughout o Not defined by connection to men o Not subject to subversive libido o Temple setting o Ritual oath (170) o Domestic arts o The prophecy (178) o Protect of polis o Support of male establishment o Strategizer...
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Lecture 7 - Vocab o Akropolic o Parthenon o Pelopennesian...

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