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Lecture 12 - The Cabinet of Doctor… German silent film o...

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Lecture 12 - Expressionism Expressionism – first revolt against realism o The real road to genuine truth o Something that needs full head on treatment o All the elements of the play is very different because its after different things o Examples Pink Floyds The Wall - movie Monk’s The Scream – painting Van Goh’s The Starry Night – painting Murder of the Hope of Women – play poster
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Unformatted text preview: The Cabinet of Doctor…? German silent film o Developed the same time the X-ray machine is being developed in france o Expressionists cut right to the bone to get at the truth o Deliberately distorts • Dramaturgy o Distorted for subjective truth o Dreamlike, nightmarish o Characters are abstractions o Compressed, fragmented, telegraphic o Emotional states •...
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