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Lecture 22 - method acting teaching guru of method training...

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Lecture 22 Vocabulary o Actors Studio - o Anti-Hero - opposed to the status quo, challenging the system (Walter Younger in ARITS) o The Group Theatre – collective acting company, disbanded in 1941 o Elia Kazan – famous director in American theatre and film in the 40’s and 50’s a member of the group theatre – “Method Actor Director” o Method Acting – maximize sense of genuine experience, actors give everything they can, merge themselves with the fictional part they play o Stanislavsky “System” – System is name Stanislavsky gave his Russian actor training o Lee Strasberg – initiates American school of method acting, face of
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Unformatted text preview: method acting teaching guru of method training o Subtext meat is beneath the surface of the dialogue, method actors have to embrace this meaning to seem genuine and real 1959 the first time a play (ARITS) by an African American woman appeared on Broadway Realism o Accessible/everyday reality o Linear/cause and effect o Daily behavior o Stable world that can be analyzed o Strong bond of empathy in audience Themes in ARITS o Family dynamics o Past and present o Morality o Critique of material American Dream...
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